Watched Graduating College while making 20k a week Detailing the 5 trades that added up to +$20k in profits in just under a week. via @huddie https://profit.ly/user/Huddie/videolesson/graduating-college-while-making-20k-a-week

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andrusa1392 Jun 01, 18 12:28 PM

HI Huddie I'm Tim student, could you please give me an advise ,if you'll have to start all over again what w'd be your TOP DVD or webinar to start with? thanks for your time

Huddie Jun 07, 18 5:57 PM

I would go about it more methodically. Instead of trying to take in everything all at once, I'd target a specific set-up, learn it well, and then move on to the next. Keep it simple, don't overwhelm yourself.

matt100ms Aug 11, 18 12:08 AM

That's great advice for me as well. I've way hhed 99% of the dvds and 3600 video lessons. When I finish im going to focus on a specific set up.. thanx

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@Chicago777 hey I'm from chicago too , start learn to trade almost 2 months ,saw Tim's DVD's, but I'd like to meet in person someone with more experience.let me know if I can meet you maybe one day

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