I just saw on the chat you are an option my son told me that option is less difficult and less chance to loose money I would like your opinion on that Thanks

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skatermdw Apr 11, 1:37 AM

I would like learn as much as I can to become self sufficient, to trade when I wanted to. I am studying daily hours upon hours,and trading when the setup is right. I have tried different strategies, I like dip buying and feel comfortable. Thanks Tim!!!!

KStanger Apr 21, 1:57 AM

Full time while traveling the world from a laptop!!!

Jules222 Jun 07, 3:55 PM

I prefer Full-Time and on a Labtop!!!!! Bless!!!!

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kylecw2 Apr 18, 18 11:02 PM

Awesome to see I had the exact same thinking! I specifically avoided CANN because it was the most overextended and would be the best short. I didn't take BUDZ and KSHB till the end of day but choose them for they had the most volume/ best risk/reward. Thanks huddie!

ZachR Apr 21, 18 8:44 PM

Thanks for posting and being a big help to the community keep up the good work

RoyCreditor Jul 30, 18 10:55 AM

I chose the wrong chart today so this video was incredibly fitting

ZachR Oct 18, 18 11:03 AM

Thanks again Huddie

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