GeorgeCanningV May 16, 19 8:13 AM

I've been loosing doing shit that isn't taught. Chasing , buying premarket/ aftermarket on junk shit. I'm sticking with 2 setups as well maybe 3.

Tommy_D May 16, 19 8:46 AM

Yep, just needed to stop the insanity and stick to very specific setups and not to deviate. There are already enough little idiosyncrasies to look out for in these basic setups that I don't need the additional noise of trying to figure out other plays.

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HenryCraig Mar 05, 9:47 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

tayhaoxia Mar 18, 1:01 PM

This is sick my friends say i am kind of like forest gum but i love how you say anyone can do it when they put crazy effort into it

timcobra Mar 24, 8:24 AM

Hey Tim, the link to this video is broken

Gobucks Mar 29, 9:15 PM

That was a pretty Awesome interview.

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