$120 Profit
UPLLong Stock

In 2800 @ 1.02. Dropped to 0.95/0.98 (where I first started to get in) then to 1.04/1.05. Bounced to 1.06 occasionally - FEW times 1.07. Since mother nature called, I set a sell for $1.07 (thinking, since it's struggling to get there, I'd set the order while I pee). I came back it was 1.04, climbed quickly to 5, 6, I tried canceling order & it was at 1.08). So my order was executed & I cleared $100 after commissions. It later climbed up to about 1.17. Need to loosen up a little & ride it out.


  • Total Views160
  • Position Size2,800
  • Percentage4.9%
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