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SZYMLong Stock

Entry comments: Had some good volume going into the trade. Wanted to get in at 2.61 but it rose fast after. But there was still good volume going into the trade. The resistance is gonna come about at 2.90. So thats where I sell. That was a previous resistance when there was a break out.

Exit comments: Exited the trade at the same price that I got it.. I should have set a stop limit to get out when the price was bouncing upwards. It went to a high of 2.85 and a lot of sell orders started to come in. I did not know if it was shots getting filled and if it was gonna go further down so I exited at the same entry price. I was not patient enough and right now the price is at 2.8 :( It went down all the way to 2.75 so I panicked and got out at a lil bounce. WIth commissions loss of $15.69 CAD


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