$14 Profit
JANLong Stock

JAN is still pushing a lot. Small pre-market trade before watching some more videos. Got scared out but could have done easily another 30-50 cents per share. But it was already up 120% + ... and with my small account size (currently cash account) atm I am happy also to take small profits. I tried to get in at 5.71 but did not get executed and the 6~ range seemed to be a good spot to try re-enter.


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GiorgioMarinoNov 25, 19 8:44 AM

20 min after I traded this JAN crashed down to 5.25 around 9:37 AM. Knowing me.. it was good that I took my small profits. After my trade the stock went up 1$ per share from my exit @6.20 and then down -1$ to 5.25. I probably would have sold in panic at the worst moment. So I guess I cant count this as a "good trade" for my current standards.

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