-$222 Loss
ETCCLong Stock

Entry comments: I bought this stock only due to it being a contract win. I'm going to swing this trade for a day only to see if the news carries over. Goal is to make .50¢-$1 a share.

Exit comments: Just an all-around dumb trade. Not happy with my self after this one. Was supposed to be a day trade that I turned in to a swing but even during the trade, I noticed red flags that I choose to ignore. In the beginning of the trade, I had a chance to make a small profit of .15¢ a share because the stock rose to around to $1.45, but got greedy and decided to hold, as I saw multible bids with large size stack up asking to buy at a substantially cheaper price only to see a turn for a loss. CLQ!!


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  • Position Size500
  • Percentage-34.23%
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