-$252 loss AGEN Long Stock

Entry comments: This stock is putting up a strong first green day on a big deal https://tim.ly/2BLhnh8 with an $80 billion company GILD, not the most volatile stock, but solid news/catalyst/chart, goal is to make 5-10% into overnight gap up/ideally morning spike tomorrow too

Exit comments: No gap up, ugly market, play ti safe, cutting losses, small losses are fine, potential re-buy on any big dip only

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$AGEN Me likes. Great volume on the past 2 days (yesterday was even higher than the prev day), closing well above the 20SMA for the first time since mid-march, closing above $2.05, Daily MACD getting there... This one might go up

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Noticing a pattern in a few stocks today, a morning spike, consolidation and keeping a higher low. Lemme know if you agree and want to add more info to my findings. FNBC is the biggest percent gainer - not sure why. And I think $AGEN is up on earnings.

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