Paper Traded $AITX again today for an afternoon consolidation play Entry: $0.1782 Exit: $0.169 Shares: 7500 Loss plus commission: -$79.03 Percent gain: -5% I got in at support around 1:45pm eastern. I set my stop to 0.169, looking for continuation up to test HOD, and maybe push through to 0.19 resistance area. Not planning to hold o/n. Held okay until a little after 2pm, then dropped below my entry level. Still held until 2:30pm when it cracked and hit my stop, so got out with a small loss.

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LibertyBelle Feb 24, 5:13 PM

Should have left AITX alone after I played it in the morning. OTCs have been weak in the afternoon, and just proved it to myself, lol!

StefanSchwarz13 Feb 24, 5:14 PM

@LibertyBelle Yes, I saw Ellis' message and have been more careful. I did okay today. Was just antcy to consider buying SNDL or NAKD after hours to hold overnight. But I pulled back. I don't need to take the chance or risks. Tomorrow is another day. I started watching TimLine DVD today. My DVDs should be here on Friday, as I checked with Christine again. I'm going to have them charge my card for Lifetime Challenge next week

StefanSchwarz13 Feb 24, 5:31 PM

@LibertyBelle I figured it is time. I don't know what the future is going to be with working from home and I would rather have life or 5 years or so to watch and learn all of this stuff, so I can be successful and retire early in 7 to 8 years ideally!

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Paper Traded $AITX this morning. Entry: $0.1503 Exit: $0.1698 Shares: 7500 Profit less commission: $146.25 Percent gain: 13% I am not trading today due to change of market warnings by my mentor, but I wanted to practice anyway. I have been watching this one for a gap up. Looked like a good candidate on the daily for a bounce play. Plan was to wait until a pullback to 0.155 after gap up in the morning. Pulled back to 0.15 and settled, so got in there. Forced myself to wait through the consolidation, because I had a good entry. Got out after I saw exhaustion on the spike and right before the key whole number level. I have noticed that spikes tend to pull back at these levels, so I try to get out just before. I was happy with over 10% gain, and if it was real money, I feel like this is where I would have cut the trade.

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Holdmytexan Mar 02, 11:58 PM

Thanks for the lessons boss, I don't use market orders

Vandalderek Mar 03, 11:40 PM

i will never use market orders, 0ne of the best informational videos ive watched so far and ive logged alot of hours in the past week.

owlbanks Mar 05, 8:45 AM

I promise not to use market orders. Thanks!

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Jdegregz Feb 20, 10:44 AM

There’s so many plays that I held to many overnight they all spiked but could only get out of one of the 3 got out of all but not where I wanted to still profit and one I got out I should’ve stayed in $AABB

Vox Feb 21, 5:59 PM

how many kyles are we watching stocks?

BeAllYouCanBe Feb 21, 7:44 PM

"How many Kyles are we watching Stocks?". LMAO!!!

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