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ngukenny093 Jul 26, 10:01 AM

Sometimes I get confident and then lose that $500 then I just go back to review these and not let it get to my head.

HappyDaze Jul 26, 12:28 PM

Thx Tim! Still making mistakes , still learning ! Cutting portion size down !

KDJourney Jul 26, 1:58 PM

Had a Friday commitment ~ thanks for posting the webinar ~ insightful and helpful!

Windwalzer Jul 31, 12:39 AM

I was happy to be there in real time, going over it a second time helps also. Thank you.

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[TimAlerts] re: $MJNA they have a 15,000,000 share investment in AXIM. Position was purchased on or around July 1, 2015. Back then AXIM traded at ~$1 per share. Since then AXIM has run up to $13.20 a share. Nice ROI for $MJNA but has not been reflected in the share price. Run a chart Compare that overlays $MJNA & AXIM.

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