$1,652 profit BSRC Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the breakout on this runner, let's see how far it can go, I wanted to wait until closer to the close but its going off now, aye aye aye too many plays, goal is to profit 10-20%

Exit comments: Whewww, that took a while to get out of, lots of little blocks due to nasty spread, if it was earlier in the pattern I'd be more patient but I gave this more than enough time, small gain, not gonna flirt with disaster on no clear breakout here

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-$190 loss BSRC Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new solar runner, underestimated ASTI so I think this one can do more too, goal is to sell i the .077s or .08s or maybe even .09s, gotta see how strong it can be on any bounce

Exit comments: No bounce off that crack off the highs so rule #1 is cut losses quickly, protect earlier gains from other trades and stay safe during choppy midday trading

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Ramodown52 Dec 28, 20 12:26 PM

Hey brother I’m here watching how you trade my dude

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I underestimated BITW but glad to make back all my losses from yesterday in 1 trade, especially after $BSRC SWRM duds

Holcombetax Dec 18, 20 11:11 AM

locked in at .0325 and it is up to .036 and cant decide if i am going to risk and wait for a little bit bigger jump or sell now and make a few hundred bucks!

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$641 profit BSRC Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial execution on this battery play spiking with news, goal is to sell in the .04s or .05s

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, got a little spike but nothing major, gotta recognize the OTC market has cooled down bigtime since last week so adjust goals downwards too and take singles

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HawkOfWallSt Dec 17, 20 9:49 AM

Good morning!! Made quick. 900+ from BSRC. Sold at .39 ;)

Windwalzer Dec 23, 20 5:41 PM

Love the way you do that. Thank you.

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[TimAlerts] $BSRC had a position at .20 last week sold at .25 now it's at .50 could be good for long term


[TimAlerts] $BSRC took a jump up this morn. wait for the dip and wait for the next leg then bank.

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