@Gew99 Hello , is there any chance so u can give me a private contact ... i wanna ask you a couple of questions .. im talking about any social media that u are using :)

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$438 profit TCS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this spiking earnings winner on a dip off its highs in the low 6s, my goal is for it to get back there today, small position though as I don't have a great entry

Exit comments: Whew, this stock moves fast and looks to have wall of sellers at 6ish, so I'm not taking any chances and selling into strength at my goals, congrats to all premarket buyers and dip buyers here

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Gew99 May 24, 17 10:54 AM

Hi Tim. Just wondering if you could do a video lesson on money management, or how you managed your income when you were getting started. Unfortunately our education system doesn't teach us much about that topic. So i was kinda hoping you could give a few tips or pointers on the topic

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