($330) loss CIIX Long Stock

Entry comments: This former CBD-wine runner just went from red-to-green and despite the overall market tanking the CBD sector is on fire so this could bounce more, goal is to sell in the low 1s, I'm also watching PURA, HIPH for potential buys too

Exit comments: This one is not spiking like I thought, mainly because now the Dow is down 520 now and looks to be getting worse so not the best day for speculative stocks, be safe, small losses are fine, just don't let a small mistake turn into a big disaster

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antony1536 Oct 10, 18 1:31 PM

How can you catch the specific moment when stocks are moving?

69tatwinz Oct 10, 18 4:36 PM

Yup your sooo right master, ME the IGC got me.

SherryHall Oct 15, 18 3:18 PM

I just wanted to say thanks for the tips!

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