$6,530 profit ELON Long Stock

Entry comments: Same industry as Nest and CTRL...NEST got taken over by Google for $3.2 billion, CTRL is up 45%, ELON is a deal up only 25% today and one of their board of directors is a founding member of Apple...I'd love to see Apple buy this company to compete with Google, that's low odds, but it did spike $1/nicely at the open today so hopefully if CTRL keeps going this is a cheaper sympathy play and I can sell in the low to mid 3s tomorrow, nice technical support 2.50/2.60

Exit comments: Bigger and bigger sellers at yesterday's high of 3.10ish now down to 3.04 and 3.06, no thanks, I'm taking small profits and will look to possibly buy back on the dip...CTRL is up nearly $2/share premarket so that was the Nest play I should've gone with overnight...close, on the right path at least

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