Hi Mark, I traded $OSTK yesterday and today, made a couple hundred on both. I traded $TSLA today had to sell early due to work made about 2.45/share 1 put contract. I'm looking at $UPS and $FDX They are both at 52wk high $UPS has no resistance and had a huge rising window around 29-30 July, it has no resistance ahead. No real new except they are going to charge big packagers more for the holiday. volume is at 8.33M, Mc 137.79B, flt 707.06M shrs 862.38M It had a huge green candle with nearly 10M volume on Friday. A small gap up and green candle today. It's been uptrending since beginning of May. biggest volume spike 29 July. $FDX had a rising window 30 June with an 18M red volume candle on 1 July, It's been uptrending basically from 15 May. w/ consolidation. Had a huge green candle yesterday and a gap up huge green candle today, b/o at about 196, new "Bernstein turns bullish? & form 4. $UPS has interest puts 150, 160, calls 170, 160. $FDX seems to have interest puts 197.5, 180 calls 210, 180. Is my research and evaluation anywhere near on track? I used my 3 day trades 2 on Friday and 1 on $TSLA today. Worth it. Thank you for all you help and support.

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[TimAlerts] looks like Nike beat the #'s...if $FDX strong could see Dow 20K tomorrow am....i might be back from the duck blind before the open...


[TimAlerts] Upside: - SIEN +35% (update on completion of 3rd-party testing of company products and met deadline of submitting data to the FDA by FY15 year-end) - XBIT +17% (add'l positive data from Phase 3 European trial of Xilonix) - SUNE +11% (positive broker commentary) - ARDX +7% (priced 7.5M shares of common stock @ $10/shr) - $MNTA +4% (entered collaboration with MYL to jointly develop and commercialize 6 biosimilar products) - $CRUS +2% (positive broker commentary post-guidance) - $FDX +1%

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