Hi Mark, I traded $OSTK yesterday and today, made a couple hundred on both. I traded $TSLA today had to sell early due to work made about 2.45/share 1 put contract. I'm looking at $UPS and $FDX They are both at 52wk high $UPS has no resistance and had a huge rising window around 29-30 July, it has no resistance ahead. No real new except they are going to charge big packagers more for the holiday. volume is at 8.33M, Mc 137.79B, flt 707.06M shrs 862.38M It had a huge green candle with nearly 10M volume on Friday. A small gap up and green candle today. It's been uptrending since beginning of May. biggest volume spike 29 July. $FDX had a rising window 30 June with an 18M red volume candle on 1 July, It's been uptrending basically from 15 May. w/ consolidation. Had a huge green candle yesterday and a gap up huge green candle today, b/o at about 196, new "Bernstein turns bullish? & form 4. $UPS has interest puts 150, 160, calls 170, 160. $FDX seems to have interest puts 197.5, 180 calls 210, 180. Is my research and evaluation anywhere near on track? I used my 3 day trades 2 on Friday and 1 on $TSLA today. Worth it. Thank you for all you help and support.

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-$1,889 loss OSTK Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bough this earnings winner, wanted to wait until the afternoon, but this big drop has me too tempted to ignore, goal is to make 40-60 cents/share again like I did earlier this morning, aim small, miss small

Exit comments: Cut losses after waking up to nasty loss, that's what I get for leaving my position unattended, so much for me having patience, broke a rule and got what I deserved, biggest loss in a while

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jepic Feb 01, 17 8:36 PM

Gotta be honest, when i first subscribed and was completely new (still am just 1.5 months into this.. so that's new), I'd blindly follow you on some trades. Glad I looked at the chart and sat this one out. Exactly what you teach about being self sufficient. On my way!

mhpl Feb 01, 17 11:30 PM

Thanks for sharing

ARLO50 Feb 02, 17 1:11 AM

ty tim for the knowledge pass on. i will take this on go forth. learning is knowledge. and knowledge is power. rock on.

traderchecklist1953 Feb 04, 17 8:57 AM

Thanks and oops. It is like babysitting I suppose. Always be in attentance ; anything can happen in a split moment.

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$1,116 profit OSTK Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner 35 cent/share off its highs, I'm looking for it to go right back there and maybe make new highs, its run for several days in the past before, only got partial execution, I won't chase since it's so high price dand up a ton already

Exit comments: PERFECT delayed morning spike, probably goes up more, but I have good gain now and don't want to be greedy on a higher priced stock, the earnings winner pattern strikes again!

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humblegains Feb 01, 17 8:45 AM

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Frank2986 Feb 01, 17 9:30 AM

Great job! It Worked perfect.

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