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keelos May 19, 17 8:05 AM

hey bob i read that you said $SORL reached a new all time high yesterday? my charting is showing 12.89 from jan 2010

Turbobob May 19, 17 8:57 AM

No covred at $1.00. Looking to reshort on a move towards $3.00

Turbobob May 19, 17 8:58 AM

Yes, it was incorrect. But, the trade is still the same as anything that happened in 2010 is unlikely to affect the stock today. Too much passage in time.

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For anyone who has question for me please leave down to this comment. i will included in the dvd. i want make it as detail as possible.

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Kerry57 Mar 30, 17 6:27 PM

Dux, I have difficulty seeing the difference between consolidation and weakness. So I'd like to understand how you spot weakness (for shorting) on stocks that are spiking or have been running for days. I.E. consolidation vs overextended. Thank you!

Redblood Apr 07, 17 3:39 AM

Hi dux, I`d like to know if there are any particular stocks that you buy/short, whether you favor a specific industry. Also, what was your biggest trading mistake or a trade that you have ommitted that you wish you had bought or shorted it so far? Why didn`t you buy or shorted it? And what would you have done differently or which indicators would you look at if you were in the same situation to decide whether the stock is worth buying/shorting or just leave it be and look for other stocks to pla

Lukaac Apr 10, 17 8:29 AM

Showing your spreadsheets

dashing Jun 07, 17 4:25 PM

Hi DUX, could you share some of your actual notes that you took when you studied Tim's dvds. Would be very interesting to see what you actually wrote down vs what I wrote down, because I know I took notes on all the dvds but my results have been very different :)

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IceMan14 Mar 10, 17 10:51 AM

Check the Russell 2000 chart which is the overall small and mid cap stock market and you will see how it is struggling, only the Dow and the S&P of big boy corporations are heavily bullish

Turbobob Mar 10, 17 11:21 AM

So there is divergence.... One of them is going to be right. Small caps are usually the last to blow off in the late stages of the bull market. Generally, they are not the leaders. in my opinion

Turbobob Mar 10, 17 11:36 AM

jepic. No I am no longer in AKAO.

Turbobob Mar 10, 17 11:37 AM

Oasis5 - most of the financial sites have them. But Yahoo Finance is a free site that has it listed. Of course the NASD has it as well as they publish the list.

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FirstRedDay Feb 08, 17 5:14 PM

Truly sorry to hear that about your Dad, God bless and thanks for all you do!

tzLa Feb 09, 17 1:48 PM

Take it easy buddy, take as much time as you need. We appreciate you.

tomfinn92 Feb 11, 17 7:23 AM

Sorry about the loss of your dad, Arick. You are a great trader, and an even better genuine human being sharing all that you do. Keep your head up and thanks a million for all the help you've given to me and so many others with your videos and being real.

TimeFliesBuy Apr 14, 17 11:38 PM

Take care of you and yours, and when the time is right you'll find yourself back here doing what you enjoy doing.

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