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darianb Sep 03, 17 1:42 AM

great video. I have been trying more expensive stocks for the last 5 months, and stumbling across your videos makes me think that I will learn a lot. Thank you!

ScotV Oct 29, 17 7:49 AM

Hi Turbobob! Just found you here on profitly. Great videos! One question...What do you mean when you say "10 days to cover" because 10% of the float is short (9 million on 900k average volume)?

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Turbobob Jun 08, 17 8:40 AM

I use 4 different scanners at different setting plus I look at a lot of charts.

IceMan14 Jun 08, 17 9:07 AM

OILU and OILD are the 3x etfs. while you are making judgements on oil might as well go look at these. but they are very illiquid

Turbobob Jun 08, 17 9:18 AM

Definitely following the Oil Bear ETFs

heathlong99 Jun 08, 17 4:12 PM

$FORM just came out with pos news release....I may buy this a/h and sell into spike tomorrow morning

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gofast Jun 07, 17 1:04 AM

Thanks Bob!

Lifeasweknowit Jun 12, 17 4:58 PM

Hi Bob - first off - Many thanks for sharing, your videos give awesome insight. Quick question, with KEM, it hasn't been in the 17's in 5 years, was it a combination of the overall ramp in the last 7 months coupled with the tech, internet & media conference they were going to have, was it the price action and volume being so much more condensed than it's previous high 5 year prior or am I totally missing the boat? Thanks for you work and look forward to hearing from you. Cheers and thanks again!

Turbobob Jun 12, 17 5:11 PM

Price action. Over $12.00 it came on to my radar and had a good pattern for trading. I don't give much credence to action more than 5 years old. But the chart is what tells the story. Not sure if that answers your question.

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