$3,375 profit GAHC Long Stock

Entry comments: Same DLOC promoter, lets see how far this can go, goal is to make 20-50%

Exit comments: Whewwww what a runner, I won't get greedy, it got higher buut Etrade was giving me issues so I'll take my solid win here and be thankful, great http://tim.ly/breaking alert

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moneymaking1043 Jun 25, 10:20 PM

Saw the pumping happen real time & just didnt know if they woulda pumped it good LOL

RChen Jun 26, 1:18 AM

Nice. Thanks

Windwalzer Jun 27, 10:25 PM

I'm understanding that when there is a breaking news alert, even though it looks like I'm behind, I need t look at resistance, volume, and the chart reaction. You get in right after and you have a good record for making a good trade. GRAF on Friday was a great example for me. I thought it was going to fast and yet you were right there and did a good trade. I hope I am learning. Thank you.

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[TimAlerts] $GAHC opened as .07 this morn and had a high of .11. But the volume was 507k area. If I had got in this morning would Iit be possible for me to get stuck in this stock or could I just trade it as normal?

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