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nsstrohminger May 28, 8:52 PM

Awesome webinar Jack. I’m going to watch all 50+. I learn so much from your analysis and commetary. Also, love you’re 7 Figure Cycles product. Easy to follow and navigate risk. Got a inaugural lifetime membership and almost made my money back on 3 trades.

mallareg1 May 29, 4:35 AM

Thanks Jack, Your mentorship is truly appreciated. Learning your lessons quickly.

DDT May 31, 12:56 PM

Thanks Jack.

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RobertRiggs Feb 01, 23 10:27 AM

The chart is like a map and level 2 is like a walking stick. Guide your way through the map. ATNF when you see this type of dramtrci uptrend "hockey stick", these are your Veronica, Pookie, RayRay, LeRoy, Greg, Justin, Chad, Everybody at the water cooler. Don't hang out at the water cooler with these folks. Great price action comparison with MULN $BBBY UTRS Thank you for the webinar EH.

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