[TimAlerts] $FRED akqired some stores for 950mio in cash. Revenues declined 4% . 20$ was the perfect short in hindsight but there is still to spekulate for the gap fill and take 4/5$ a share or more i it comes down. I dont want to spam this Chat but maybe it is usefull for anybody. Thats my personal strategy i turned my roughly 3k into a bit over 10k Since 11. Nov. .. and the last two days i thought i can try new things and lost 3.5k instead of trying new strategies with papertrading. So with me personal tr


[TimAlerts] $FRED 100 @ 20.90, think this will go just a little more. Alden Group disclosed 25% stake it has been accumulating and insisting its still undervalued. True or not, ill see what happens

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