Goooooood Morning Tim or afternoon depending on where you are in the world. $FTEK and $GSM where on a roll this morning however I had three hick ups.. 1. I funded my etrade account a coupe days ago so the funds are not available until the 25th so zerp buying power 2. I funded my interactive brokers account this morning pre market and that transfer has not went through yet and My stocks to trade account wont open up in my windows 10 on my samsung galaxy book 10. (just venting to my virtual teacher). BUt. the good news is studying you 30 day bootcamp and countless youtube videos and your watch lists and emails and the list goes on.. lol is proof of studying tirelessly and following you proven systsem works I would have killed it this morning and I could not have done it without you! Thanks!!

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No trades for me today very busy on my real day job,but wow the market was astonishing today lots of play FPRX beautiful dip @11:00 am $FTEK —earnings EQ —GODDD!!! Wow what a monster, to be ready you have to study learn the patterns and let ur plan do the work,never forget to cut ur losses quickly

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-$150 loss FTEK Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner/morning spike on dip off the low 2s, I think it can get back there, but small position since I'm late to the game on this one dealing with WSGF junk

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 is cut losses quickly

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Windwalzer Nov 11, 20 4:30 PM

Interesting bouncing/respiking on this one. Thank you.

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paynegmo Jul 07, 20 11:47 AM

Thanks, Tim I will watch their charts

Rachael_V Jul 07, 20 6:19 PM

You definitely called it on the WKHS Tuesday panic. I saw it dip and then rise a few times today. Thank you for sharing your process with us. This is my first week as your student and am learning so much already!

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Flockstock Mar 31, 18 11:17 PM

Proper perspective is key, figure out what strengths and weaknesses are before wanting monetary success ... it's more important to develop consistency over long term rather than short term.

ZiggysMom Apr 13, 18 11:35 AM

You don't have to trade, no need to force it Did you learn? Think differently Time of day, float, position size, how quick is the stock moving, catalyst There is no exact science

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