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SuzyQ Sep 28, 1:29 PM

I understand small, speculative trades are good!

MurdoMc Sep 28, 2:00 PM

I understand small positions are best in this crazy market, but I'm not sure if I understand what speculative means, as I think they are all speculative?

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dumbtrades Aug 18, 21 7:34 AM

great weninar more on self than anything

tmtNick Jul 09, 9:34 PM

Really good webinar @timothysykes . Had to watch again. I really understand now. I fully realize I am in CONTROL OF MY FINANCE STATUS so I am 110% your millionaire student.

LeeHunt Aug 05, 12:56 PM

Thanks Tim!Appreciate your time and wisdom!

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Almost brought into GMER. At 1120am .342 miss my entry. Glad I didn't chase and saw there was a wall and walked away. Its holding near its high. Just gonna mentally trade and watch. No more trades for me today. Would be hard to hold mentally if I did get in at that price.

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