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oldnewby Apr 08, 7:37 AM

Thanks Tim. Just missed YGYI by seconds then just watched the short squeeze. Learned for an opportunity today. Lots being squeezed.

Yeshwanth Apr 08, 9:24 AM

This is my first day here. had YGYI, BORR, DPW on my list, also added CYDY in my list, which one will be the best

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$1,050 profit GNMK Long Stock

Entry comments: Another coronavirus testing play spiking, got this on a nice dip off its recent runup highs in the low 5s, goal is to sell in the low to mid 5s on a bounce

Exit comments: Nice little bounce back on the stock, I'll take it and no get greedy, who0 knows, I might just be buying another offering play like COCP LOL you never know these days

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MeatHammer13 Mar 09, 6:42 PM

To be honest I was supposed to receive a phone call to talk about my confusion with challenge and all emails I have been sent I feel like a headless chicken

Windwalzer Mar 09, 7:02 PM

I can see on the chart where it had a big run up and then the dip, this looks like your timing was perfect entry and exit? Thank you.

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