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ea_moore Mar 19, 10:37 AM

Would be nice if I could get an alert. Never got it.

Rwb Mar 19, 12:55 PM

Thanks Tim, Be safe everyone

msjennis Mar 30, 11:42 AM

Good day, Need help accessing the Supernova Lessons. I’m having trouble accessing the videos on my supernova dashboard. This is the only one that plays. Be safe and thank you. Jennis Jackson

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($2,250) loss COCP Long Stock

Entry comments: Another coronavirus play spiking, on big volume, lets see if it can take out morning highs around 2.20 that's my goal here

Exit comments: Unfortunate timing right as an offering was announced, literally the same minute as I bought, all you can do is cut losses quickly and don't hold and hope...this is why I trade with small size as you just never know, small loss for me, acceptable risk due to unlucky bad news

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grandarbor9 Mar 09, 3:16 PM

Great example of why you don’t trade with large % of your account. Unlucky timing Tim. Glad I was able to watch that unfold. Really drives home the lesson.

legheim Mar 09, 3:29 PM

Sorry to see your loss, Happy to know that these things don't just happen to me.

Aiden Mar 09, 4:48 PM

This is some scary shit i think. Trading with a small account you have to go all in. How to stay safe??

Windwalzer Mar 09, 6:53 PM

You entered expecting the stock to spike/go up more, they had an offering which cliffed/#4, and then it halted? I keep saying your #1 rule over and over "cut losses quickly". Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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