-$2,250 loss COCP Long Stock

Entry comments: Another coronavirus play spiking, on big volume, lets see if it can take out morning highs around 2.20 that's my goal here

Exit comments: Unfortunate timing right as an offering was announced, literally the same minute as I bought, all you can do is cut losses quickly and don't hold and hope...this is why I trade with small size as you just never know, small loss for me, acceptable risk due to unlucky bad news

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grandarbor9 Mar 09, 20 3:16 PM

Great example of why you don’t trade with large % of your account. Unlucky timing Tim. Glad I was able to watch that unfold. Really drives home the lesson.

legheim Mar 09, 20 3:29 PM

Sorry to see your loss, Happy to know that these things don't just happen to me.

Aiden Mar 09, 20 4:48 PM

This is some scary shit i think. Trading with a small account you have to go all in. How to stay safe??

Windwalzer Mar 09, 20 6:53 PM

You entered expecting the stock to spike/go up more, they had an offering which cliffed/#4, and then it halted? I keep saying your #1 rule over and over "cut losses quickly". Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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