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RobertRiggs Feb 16, 10:27 PM

I promise to react! Thanks Tim.

NKillian Feb 22, 1:52 AM

I will react NOT predict

Bubble Feb 26, 8:31 PM

ohhhhhhhhhh, grittany, i needed you to say that, even though i hate that you said it...i'll keep my size to 5$ positions if i have to.

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chrisbrown Jan 02, 5:46 PM

Thank you so much Tim G for this very informative video lesson, definitely learnt a lot. Happy New Year!

Grambo Jan 11, 6:07 PM

glad I watched this one again--def have a better understanding of what went down and so much more of this made sense. Boom. Back to the books....

Rojan11_ Feb 16, 9:13 AM

This is just too good!!!!

Aika Mar 03, 2:45 AM

Thank you Tim Grittani!!!

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