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SamJustus Mar 21, 21 11:11 PM

I Get It....Much Appreciated.....THANKS TIM

didixiu Jun 05, 21 5:51 PM

Thank you Tim.

oswald Oct 30, 22 11:15 AM

Study the past, learn the patterns so you know the best setups, have patience, not the last morning panic, I get it, Thanks Tim!

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$1,050 profit GRNH Long Stock

Entry comments: Low priced weed play perking up with a seemingly solid first green day...this was a runner many years ago, with sketchy pl;ays like BUDZ, NUGS, CBDS perking up this could run on day 2 also, goal is to make 15-30% selling ideally later today or better yet into a gap up/morning spike

Exit comments: Sold the remainder of my position into the nice gap up, 20%+ win for me, that's near best case scenario for me, so I'll take it and not be onto the next

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HDrider Aug 22, 18 5:06 PM

Great job another lesson any price works if you know what you’re doing.

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