[TimAlerts] For those hating on $ARWR, just a few items. First, they have a really solid RNAi platform. Had a setback recently on a trial failure which turned the chart into "bad sushi" but make no mistake as they already have a license deal with Amgen for two cardiovascular targets. They got (I think) $50 million upfront on that deal and can earn up to an additional $650 million in milestones plus royalties. That is just partner deal but they can have more. I think their business model is much like $I


[TimAlerts] $I was my overnight swing because $4.46 is the breakout back to Feb if you short be careful I choose swings for a reason I sold $4.50 stopped out $4.45


[TimAlerts] look at ticker $I nice short opp today after 14 straight green days im short from the 4.40s lower volume bigger market cap play


[TimAlerts] Short $I at 4.42. Will probably drop 20-40 cents in a few days. Chart pattern lines up with bollinger bands for sellside. Risk is 4.50/8c

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