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ZiggysMom May 07, 18 10:27 AM

Noting to go with the market, not to trust shorted shared because its not accurate. Get use to longs before short selling, don't prepare for the market participate in the current market. Don't fight the trend. Do what successful traders do.

Flockstock Aug 05, 18 12:29 PM

Calculate trade risk by dollar amount, don't trade unless ideal, 1 or 2 patterns, don't fight the trend, use multiple data sources , accuracy is a problem, trade what you know not random tickers, adapt to market changes , pay attention to volume disbursement throughout the day, don't revenge trade

ZachR Aug 14, 18 10:22 PM

Thanks Tim

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Flockstock Jun 18, 17 12:36 PM

Always be prepared.... to short ... There are better opportunities when shorting ... Don't chase a stock ... Ever... Usually when you do you regret it 90% of the time .. Kinda crazy that 90% of traders fail, maybe because they chase

zaraza Jun 19, 17 6:02 AM

thankyou Mark.

TraderD Jun 21, 17 7:01 AM

My last two trades I chased both and lost. Never again.

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JonathanIParra Jun 05, 19 6:48 AM

This is not a exact science ,linu classic number 5 pattern sometimes you gotta wait for the bounce and when that happened it was a great trade well done and sara underwood is gorgeous

TonyG1 Jun 05, 19 1:35 PM

Excellent lesson!

Outdoorchick Feb 08, 3:46 PM

This is not an exact science. Thanks Tim

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