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LizLele Apr 28, 12:13 AM

Thanks Timmay. It was cool to see what you were talking about in the video lesson from the other day about stocks doing the triple dip down and having weak bounces in between. I liked the edible arrangements comment. I remember seeing the alerts on my phone and thinking uh oh he’s over trading

Willbee_Rich Apr 28, 3:12 PM

Definitely educational... Seeing you struggling/executing your trade was definitely an awesome insight at how you can be so good with just a laptop...Thank You Tim!!!

JonathanIParra May 02, 4:28 PM

amazing webnair , sometimes the most ideal play won't pan out . Great learning experience on to the next

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[TimAlerts] MDCL looks like legit company but no volume Why??? people must not do any research or am I wrong

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