[TimAlerts] $NWBO shitty float to mark cap ratio. It only traded 1.5M Friday and that amount traded with a 93.7M Float on a 43.3M Cap is shitty. Think about it, on this low cap stock it only ranged between .34-.353 on 1.5M volume. That's pathetic. Also, their recent BK stuff is enough for me to avoid this like the plague. See their recent SEC filings at or the hotlink on Stocks To Trade under the "News" AND / OR "sec fILINGS" TABS.


[TimAlerts] $NWBo The Company will sell to the investors approximately 28.6 million shares of common stock at a purchase price of $.35 per share resulting in gross proceeds to the Company of $10 million. The investors will also receive warrants to purchase up to approximately 14.3 million shares of common stock with an exercise price of $.35 per share and an exercise period of 5 years.

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