$ONCS TRADE- had a FGD with big volume on daily but long term down trending stock- only bot cuz of the slow trend up but failed- shouldn't of taken the trade in the first place

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MKanju Feb 09, 18 10:15 AM

thanks Mark

ZiggysMom Jun 04, 18 5:48 PM

Noting if your not convinced sit back and wait for the stock to prove itself. Always focus on volatile plays, don't trade near lows. Don't try and predict react. When the market is hot be prepared for anything. Watch for bag holder charts. If the stock fails after 1 day and not a former runner, not a good first green day. Dangerous to short stocks making new highs.

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[TimAlerts] Guys before I hit the bed, the ticker that I researched for today are: $LTBR $BVX NEO $ONCS among them $BVX seems most promising with clean chart, big volume, good earning, all time high almost


[TimAlerts] $ONCS is one I am watching. News released cancer drug alternative. I may dip buy this one.


[TimAlerts] Hi guys! I was watching $ONCS last 30 minutes, it broke 1.95 multi-month resistance, not sure if it is a good chart though

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