Please congratulate several students on these great trades already today https://tim.ly/2M7lHur good job PaulDelgao, Nene, MarkN, HMStars friggin CLBS and $LTBR are on fire

PatriotTrades Jun 20, 18 9:27 PM

tim, locked in a good trade today on $NEPT in @3.72 out @3.96 sold way too soon but, i feel like i was on the right track and followed my plan to a T, thanks for all of your knowledge and educational videos!

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EVEN long $LTBR - Position size 210 Entry: $2.87 - Dip Bought Exit: $2.87 - Cutting loose quickly. Huge Seller came out after 20 minutes would be consolidating. Did not re-bought on the next dip, real bounce kicks in. Can't asked for more, did what is right thing to do. :)

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mikemitch3 Dec 28, 17 2:26 PM

Thank you for this post. As I'm watching your DVDs and watching WATT, though I know I could only afford to watch from the sidelines, I just had a AH HA moment on learning charts and candlesticks. My mind is blown right now. Lol

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