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CarolleP Oct 12, 21 3:01 AM

Love it! thank you for sharing your knowledge, i am new to Tim's Challenge. I loved your clear go-to and would love to read some more ;)

holtzy Oct 22, 21 12:15 AM

This post was enjoyable and insightful. Thank you for taking the time to write about your journey. I appreciate the detail in your descriptions of your process. Thanks again!

Charlie911s Nov 19, 21 6:06 AM

Fantastic post. I've read a lot of takes on investing, work and wealth - this is by far the most concise and insightful representation of how that journey should be experienced.

Coopaloop May 03, 22 8:13 PM

thanks for the process thoughts this helps a lot

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@dux Hi, Steven. I enjoyed your DVD. question, for the pre market breakout strategy, what are you looking for to put the right tickers on your watchlist for this particular strategy?

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thughes3 Jan 18, 19 9:40 PM

anyone questioning the strategies in the dvd needs to watch it again. and again. rewind parts, put your phone down and take notes. its literally typed out on the screen. -------- up 20-25% pre market (up at least that much) 9million and under float works the best (unless biotech), needs news, and low resistance, before he goes into the strategy he talks about the resistance. its all there.

10xLifeStyle Apr 28, 19 10:18 PM

Wow some people in here are so greedy. This amazing dude doesn’t have to help us out at all! He takes the time to put out free content and videos with Tim. Like grow up , put your big boy pants on and start studying. His main advice was find great mentors and learn the best from all of them . You don’t need to tell him what he does wrong . Worry about what you do wrong man. And you know know you are! This place is for uplifting not bashing! Please stop the crap thx!

SamH90 May 17, 19 6:34 PM

@bahamastrader123 If you don't know what consolidating in a channel means you're not making money because you are clueless. You have no business trading, which is why you're not making money. Study first, like a lot more before blaming someone else for your ignorance.

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Because I noticed that Finviz does not show any penny stocks otcb etc. I found this place to supplement my list building I do every night, I use screeners and look in three different places each night to make my morning watch list. curious to see what other people use. Is there ONE that fit all? And is it free? Here is what I use. sometimes this site too:

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WoodbTrades Jan 06, 18 2:28 AM

PS .. I actually have $VUZI on my watch list for monday, along with; AQB (1.5m float) , $CYTX , $CVO , and DMPI (15 m float but had decent volume)

mendozatrader Jan 08, 18 7:44 AM

Good lessons, thanks for sharing! I did something different with $VUZI: due to the positive news (even in bloomberg) and because of the 52WH b/o closing last Friday I bought a very small position at 7.90$ and hold over the weekend. Unfortunately I was not connected an hour ago when reached 9.5$ in premarket in order to sell but I will wait until market opens to sell. One question: Where do you check the shares short for a ticker? cheers!

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I bet I am the biggest overtrader in the freaking universe, 31 trades in a day :( That's just disappointing, be careful where your mind can take you. I have promised to my team mates that I will be reducing my trade size from now on. Please blame me for all of my trades today, will be posting them tonight. Lesson learned.

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TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 18 10:32 AM

Then you have to grade yourself as well. Work on entries and exits

TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 18 10:34 AM

which means you need to know the plays/patterns/framework/timeline/fundamentals and so on. Take it one play at a time, in this game you never really stop learning because theres always new sectors or bubbles.

WoodbTrades Jan 27, 18 1:08 AM

Yeah I want to do all that stuff and perhaps one day I will when I have the time to, right now I shuffle a full time job, working 60 hrs a week and learning from all the DVD's for the challenge... A little overwhelmed at the moment. But it sounds like something I should be doing if I want success.

alan316 Feb 03, 18 7:43 PM

your doing better than you did, just take the great setups. not any trade thats moving.

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ZarahnTrades Jan 04, 18 10:32 AM

@williammorris16 Yeah, thank you. I guess it does really come down to being a new trader. 1. my confidence isnt great 2. Im not properly planning before trades. Thank you for the help.

jsiv95 Jan 04, 18 12:19 PM

I miss dozen of them a day. You can’t trade them all and you need accept the idea your eyes can’t be everywhere. If you miss trades on stocks you are watching closely then its another problem : you might have the fear to pull the trigger when things are setting up. That means you’re most likely not prepared enough. Prepare your trades more. If the things you’re looking for are lining up, you shouldn’t be hestitating. Try visualization. Be in the trade even before it actually happens. Good luck

jsiv95 Jan 04, 18 12:26 PM

don't focus on what you've missed. that'll destroy you. focus on opportunities.

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