Received 4 Karmas
WoodbTrades Jan 06, 18 3:28 AM

PS .. I actually have $VUZI on my watch list for monday, along with; AQB (1.5m float) , $CYTX , $CVO , and DMPI (15 m float but had decent volume)

mendozatrader Jan 08, 18 8:44 AM

Good lessons, thanks for sharing! I did something different with $VUZI: due to the positive news (even in bloomberg) and because of the 52WH b/o closing last Friday I bought a very small position at 7.90$ and hold over the weekend. Unfortunately I was not connected an hour ago when reached 9.5$ in premarket in order to sell but I will wait until market opens to sell. One question: Where do you check the shares short for a ticker? cheers!

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