@dux Hi, Steven. I enjoyed your DVD. question, for the pre market breakout strategy, what are you looking for to put the right tickers on your watchlist for this particular strategy?

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Jakestocks52 Nov 17, 18 8:31 PM

@ahaanm1341 @bahamastrader123 what he means by "consolidating between channel" for example, a stock trading in a range of 1.25 and 1.45 thats the "channel" or range where its consolidating

bahamastrader123 Nov 25, 18 9:20 PM

@MCreator bro .. if you paid $899 for his DVD and he wasn't clear enough then it was a waste to even buy it. Was not Steven Dux clear in the DVD about what to do?? And I have his DVD and been telling ppl he didn't break things down clear enough. I have hundreds of questions too and when it's like that then he was too broad and not clear enough. This why we both not making money yet even though we bought his DVD

WoodbTrades Nov 30, 18 9:20 PM

All these DVD's are over priced.. Seriously... wait for a fire sale....... like 90% off

wooble Jan 17, 8:19 PM

I havnt bought the DVD but consolidation between a channel literally means a consolidation within a channel... maybe you should look up what consolidation and channel means. His job is to give you tools to succeed not give you the ABCs

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