[TimChallenge] $URG is taking a nice walk down the stairs. Plenty of shares to short in IB. I'm 2 for 2 on the day on my overnight shorts on ONTX (400--made 29 cents) and XGTI (1,000--made 9 cents) Hmmmmmm(think) .....


[TimChallenge] A couple nice fades for my first "real" overnight shorts on XGTI and ONTX. Hopefully unload into the morning panic.


[TimAlerts] ONTX $IMUC nice spike so far in AH, Tim I didn't make jack today! lost a little yesterday so watched the charts all day while in class to prepare for future plays


[TimAlerts] $CUR long at 5.20 in 1 account and 5.46 in another account. ONTX long small position at 3.15 and missed my $IMUC at 3.82

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