francomacJan 06, 7:30 AM

I will ALWAYS look at the biggest OTC % gainers with big volume after 3pm EST because you told me to do it.

asfricksrsJan 06, 7:35 AM

Thanks Tim, great to learn from the best in Our House that you created - thank you for this amazing opportunity.

PeachtartJan 06, 7:36 AM

Thanks Tim. Awesome to have TimG in chat. Promise not to badger him......or you....with questions.

Kauai2020Jan 06, 7:37 AM

Like them both and pre- mkt video. Would prefer watchlist first with some direction. Still grateful tho

RPhTraderJan 06, 7:38 AM

I trade both OTC and NASD. Tim, love the chatroom!

SebastiansJan 06, 7:39 AM

Thank you tim!! really appreciate it

tdtraderJan 06, 7:42 AM

Please keep then coming Thanks for your help.

kondash4Jan 06, 7:42 AM

I need to learn more about OTCs. They seem to be great. Thanks Tim

yaretzJan 06, 7:44 AM

Personally starting out with a main focus on the OTC great place to begin and if alot of new traders allmention successful learning experiences here its very hard to ignore!

ElleDianeJan 06, 7:53 AM

OTC's are definitely easier in many respects, and I've been wanting to just focus on them, but I struggle with their low volumes sometimes. NASDAQs have been on fire, so I can't help but gravitate toward them.

GiorgioMarinoJan 06, 7:55 AM

Watched! Thanks Tim. Atm still finding out what i like most.. just looking for big% gainers.

meechJan 06, 7:57 AM

Thanks Tim! I like OTCs better.

OutdoorchickJan 06, 8:01 AM

Thank you Tim another great lesson

CrazyWillowsJan 06, 8:05 AM

ahhhhhhh.. Love going long OTC stocks, key key lesson today thanks Tim, volume vs former volume (history is in the charts), look left to see right... Love Tim G being in the chat room!!!!

gjbailey36Jan 06, 8:06 AM

OTC FGD with VOLUME is the key for me.

AndrooJan 06, 8:08 AM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

KarenBoughanJan 06, 8:22 AM

I prefer NASDAQ. gains are usually small and fees on OTC eat it up

kel_BJan 06, 8:25 AM

Thank you Tim. Lessons in here are beyond valuable. This is such a fantastic community!

RocUWorldJan 06, 8:40 AM

I love OTC... it is crazy how they can jump... but you can take advantage with studying , follow Tim and it pays off... made my first grand on $BRTX

MoonShotJan 06, 8:45 AM

I prefer OTCs. Thanks Tim.

PebblesJan 06, 9:25 AM

Thanks Tim. Still learning but so far I like both.

mmurf46Jan 06, 9:27 AM

I like playing OTC breakouts, or Nasdaq low float runners on the breakout or weak open red to green.

doodyflyJan 06, 9:57 AM

I like the good setups, and the nice chart patterns.

PrairieTraderJan 06, 10:36 AM

Thanks Tim! The attention to volume on down trending charts was what I learnt today. Hope the big account and 2020 goes well for you

bikkurim2Jan 06, 10:45 AM

I need to learn more of OTC. I trade NASDAQ.

bikkurim2Jan 06, 10:45 AM

I need to learn more of OTC. I trade NASDAQ.

2TheMoonJan 06, 11:35 AM

Hi, you mentioned that 3 out of 4 stocks follow market, then you were about say something about OTCs and you got cut off! curious what you were gonna say... thx

2TheMoonJan 06, 11:35 AM

so far I trade mostly NASDAQ as harder for me to spot the OTCs

TonyG1Jan 06, 2:26 PM

Tim, for now I like Nasdaqs! While I do trade OTC every now and then I just feel more comfortable with good ole listed stocks

DrogomirdrogonJan 06, 3:36 PM

Thanks Tim. I'm trying to study everyday in one way or the other. I aim to make a career of this and become one of your next top student. I tried trading both nasdaq and OTCs but it seems OTCs are easier to trade. Thanks for taking the time to make this video

mkmeyer293Jan 06, 3:38 PM

another great video lesson :). thank you for your continued hard work.

adogan375Jan 06, 4:36 PM

Getting familiar with OTC’s, thanks Tim,

_max_99Jan 06, 5:28 PM

Nasdaq, because I'm newbie

TurkleJan 06, 8:13 PM

I will trade whatever is in play, OTC or Nasdaq, doesn't matter to me! Thanks Tim

bdriesJan 06, 9:13 PM

Either one. Thanks Tim!

JRFJan 06, 9:14 PM

Thank You Tim. I need more experience trading both to form an informed decision.

zxgggzxJan 06, 9:23 PM

Hi Tim, I just subscribed the pennystocking silver couple days ago. I'm trying to watch the video lessons, but it pops up error notice saying "this video file cannot be played." And there is some error code too. What should I do with this? Appreciate any help!

wildwesJan 06, 10:46 PM

OTC's all the way babay!!!

TradingMamaJan 06, 11:09 PM

I usually trade Nasdaq because those seem to be the stocks I see running. I like trading OTC's because they don't usually move quite as fast, but sometimes executions are irritating.

TrentUglowJan 06, 11:42 PM

Both. Thanks Tim, awesome video.

MrEdJan 07, 1:22 AM

Thank you Tim I haven't tried OTC,s yet but would like to

DeMattia73Jan 07, 7:08 AM

Love being a part of this community - learning so much!

piscott0306Jan 07, 7:18 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

GLSilvaJan 07, 9:18 AM

Well... first I want to really ge the process and then I ll be able to see which one I will prefer... but I think that Nasdq stocks are better due to after hours trade opportunity.... maybe it is not relevant.

BloodhoundJan 07, 9:27 AM

Have had more success with Nasdaq. Thanks for your dedication to teaching even through airport announcements! LOL

SebROUKJan 07, 6:42 PM

@timothysykes How can u trade with that poor internet ? My STT doesnt even open if I have low internet

PopcheezJan 07, 8:37 PM

Nasdaq. Thanks Tim!

Tommy_DJan 08, 10:01 AM

Thanks for the video, Tim. I dont want to be biased towards one stock or another and I am still new to this, but if I had to choose right now, I think I would rather play listed stocks vs OTC's due to their ease of entry/exit. The slower executions on OTC's have lead me to miss the OWCP spike yesterday morning and take a big loss on TTCM.

the5numbersJan 08, 10:08 AM

Sorry haven't traded OTC's yet but am looking forward to trying them out

jpdJan 08, 10:26 AM

Thanks Tim! I like both! What every is showing me the right pattern and play at the moment.

zarazaJan 08, 9:53 PM

Thank You Tim.

KDJourneyJan 09, 6:10 PM

Nasdaq and OTC's are both interesting and provide plenty of challenge timing entries and exits ~ Thank you Tim!

BigDreDay26Jan 10, 10:10 AM

I love first Green Day’s. Great video.

TessaLampingJan 10, 11:41 AM

I like the stocks that fit the patterns. lol

CippoNK1KJan 10, 11:59 AM

Thanks Tim..still figuring out patterns but seeing that Nasdaq and OTC often seem to trade differently

WindwalzerJan 10, 8:29 PM

Safe trips. I don't know which I like to trade yet.

JediOfWallStreetJan 11, 5:47 PM

I like OTCs the most, but I still keep a watchful eye on Nasdaq plays.

GrimesJan 11, 7:34 PM

good stuff

DarbsJan 13, 1:17 AM

Thanks Tim, I like both............

MountainTipTr8rJan 14, 10:52 AM

OTC when they are moving provide good r/r .Plus to me it seems like they are easier to see the move coming.

LWeisfeldJan 14, 3:25 PM

@norvalbaker2 I think, simply by purchasing a stock that is sold Over The Counter as opposed to one listed on the NASDAQ exchange. There may be a fee that might not be charged for a NASDAQ purchase.

lananhJan 16, 11:54 PM

Thanks Tim and your happy face really sends messages

2grasleysJan 21, 1:48 PM

Good Lesson Tim, Thanks!!

ScipioJan 23, 8:25 PM

Well done.Happy travel!

LWeisfeldJan 26, 1:36 PM

Sheesh, when I've made so many 100% gains (starting with one 😂) that i don't take that profit instead of holding out for more, I'll let y'all know.

tayhaoxiaFeb 28, 4:09 AM

i dont know yet currently just improving my knowledge account and going through all yours and mark crook lessons

OverseasmillionsFeb 29, 6:30 AM

I like the NASDAQ plays the best .. I also look at the volume and watch out for the first Green Day’s .. Great lesson 👍🏾

Neved11Feb 29, 9:10 PM

this is my first comment and i went all the way to the end so i can learn everything i missed slow and steady wins the race im ready to learn

HenryCraigFeb 29, 9:12 PM

With time and effort, I can do better.

stefano321Mar 01, 1:43 PM

thank you, I like otc better

timcobraMar 12, 5:33 AM

Thanks Tim, I've only traded NASDAQ till now.

meirk9Apr 07, 11:40 PM

@timothysykes Hey Tim! when you hold over night a sell next day in this video, do you sell with market order since it was going down FAST? limit orders might be to late for the rate it was going down? how do you get out so dam quick? thanks

GabytraderApr 11, 12:15 PM

Pretty busy travel day! I'm good where the opportunity presents I'd say in OTCs or NASDAQ. Thanks Tim!

ShimmerTheWebApr 14, 8:29 PM

Nice. Thanks for calling out the disparity in volume with the down trends. Great info!

Av1TradesMay 07, 3:59 PM

A month or 2 ago I would have said NASDAQ, but now I'm liking OTCs a lot more after watching a lot more of these video lessons

Chad121577Jun 02, 6:46 PM

I don't trade OTC's too often, due to the commission fees, for now, due to using a small account.

Rebel_ScumJun 10, 6:06 PM

I am learning to trade OTCs when I came in the market there weren't too many OTCs running. So I guess the answer is I'm more comfortable with NASDAQs cause that's all I kind of know.

htrinhJun 20, 10:22 AM

Watched, thank you.

Tweedybird24Jul 25, 11:30 PM

don't know what I like yet, hopefully will have an idea soon, once my confidence grows along with my knowledge account!!

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