$102 profit BRTX Long Stock

Entry comments: Another small $ position on a recent runner, this stock I bought earlier in the week is spiking again, up 50%+ on the day, last time it got crazy into the close and had a nice gap up, looking for the same action this time, goal is to make 10-20%, lots of support in the .008s, wanted bigger $ position, but I won't chase and I'm buying on slight dip off day highs of .011

Exit comments: Selling this one and holding onto BLOZF overnight as that one is closing stronger and has better multi-day chart, still a small gain here, just gotta choose less risky/better play overnight

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Windwalzer Jan 10, 9:45 PM

I can see why you chose not to overnight this one. Yes, I get that it's after it's done it's play and you know what you are looking for. Thank you for all your wisdom. I working at it!

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Everyone please congratulate this student on a nice little milestone: RocUWorld: Just made my first $1k trade with $BRTX bought at 0.02 sold at 0.03

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$1,697 profit BRTX Long Stock

Entry comments: I wanted bigger position in this OTC first green day runner with record volume but its not dipping and I don't want to chase so I'll take this position likely overnight, goal is to make 15-30% into gap up/morning spike, big volume today, similar price and price action as when OWCP got started going a few days ago, solid support at .012ish if I'm wrong, small $ position either way

Exit comments: Sold all, sorry fro typo, it was a reducing of the position before now totally out, too fast moving stock here

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StickerJon Jan 04, 12:16 AM

That was awesome to watch! Great day in the chat

ShukhratO1 Jan 04, 8:15 AM

How you know that will be green ?

profittrade Jan 07, 10:04 AM

how did u find it, was it a high percent gainer?

Meskin71 Jan 28, 10:11 AM

I’m stuck in this stock at .0049 x 4.853,606. Novice move.

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