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Muliti-Day Swing trade felt I was chasing, Decided to cut for a small loss and move on.

Posted: Jan 18, 1:06 AM/


Posted: Jan 17, 1:42 AM/

bought after seeing that it could be a potential super nova based on daily and kept its gains properly. I sold after seeing pre market consolidation but started coming back up when market opened. should have just let it run its course.

Posted: Jan 13, 1:29 AM/

ENTRY COMMENT: This was my number one stock to watch as of what it did yesterday. Morning dip that held for a spike. I looked for that this morning and got that. EXIT COMMENT: Chased it up too much. It only went up to the low 1.80s before coming down. I had the right idea I just didn't buy close enough to the high 1.60s support level.

Posted: Jan 12, 11:58 AM

Scaling up of position size went horribly wrong. Didn't had a clear plan on exiting in case of a loss which resulted in a huge loss. Horrible trading week which is frustrating, but learned a lot from all the mistakes made this week.

Posted: Jan 14, 7:12 PM/

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