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suesgaggero Jul 05, 17 11:55 AM

Thanks Tim, I had entered $AVEO then lost internet so I couldn't get out so not I have to wait for it to rebound again to take a small profit

TradeWell2019 Jul 05, 17 1:33 PM

Tim you are good The trades im thinking of getting into you already there lol good to get these alerts from you 👍🏻

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[TimAlerts] $DCTH and $OPXA are both on my watchlist for spikes today. Both very low float trading on higher than average volume. Not too excited about them, but worth watching in case they release news.


[TimChallenge] Yup looking at all of those too. $OPXA swings up from $1 usually get a good push for an overextended short if you can find shares. I am practicing on the smaller shorts just to get a feel. Some chat room always swings this POS over $1 for like a 10-30% gain. Then it drops down to .80ish

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