$1,044 profit PLM Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this runner from yesterday that's spiking a bit on this new STT Breaking News headline "Tesla Is in Talks With Top Miner BHP Over Nickel-Supply Pact" and I'd love to see a late day spike, also watch WWR but that's too over-extended for me, goal is to make 5-10% here

Exit comments: Nice little win here as that STT Breaking News headline is now hitting Bloomberg then lots of chatrooms that aren't better prepared on this battlefield of trading!

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wbern4688 Oct 06, 20 7:30 PM

i don't always catch up with my emails thanks for teaching how fast this stuff moves well done

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$1,440 profit PLM Long Stock

Entry comments: WWR sympathy play spiking a bit, its run in the past before, lets see how far it can go, goal is to make 5-10%, nothing huge since midday

Exit comments: Nice little spike I'll take, nothing major but low risk given how hot this sector is, singles add up over time, never forget that!

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Carlj469 Oct 05, 20 12:32 PM

I’m up 9% on WWR

sunyincali Oct 05, 20 12:51 PM

Thank you for the lessons

Windwalzer Oct 05, 20 6:05 PM

Nice above HOD entry on the spike. Thank you for the lesson.

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dumbtrades Sep 15, 20 3:49 AM

Sorry @markcroock for all the rude students and really appreciate this and will definitely join once i get all the basics up so that i can be the most dedicated student

AngeliqueSTL Sep 18, 20 2:22 AM

Great webinar. BTW the reason I signed up to Evolved Trader is because I've watched your webinars on the Challenge and trust what you teach and I haven't looked back. Shame some people don't appreciate what you bring to the table but that's their loss. Keep up the good worked!!!

captaincruel Sep 29, 20 2:14 AM

Thank you Mark. I'm definitely joining evolved trader next year. Screw the degenerates that were begging you to force a trade. PLM dropping from 6,25 to 5,30 something in a few minutes was insane but a good reminder to not buy randomly.

mitnick2 Jan 10, 22 1:58 PM

Thank you Mark Croock for another great webinar.. Just rewatching & relearning..! It’s good to get familiar with Options & what exactly that is.. Also great examples of a 1-day failed Spikers.. So thanks for all of the information.. Invaluable..!

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$882 profit PLM Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buy on fast spiking stock, goal is to sell near day highs in . mid 4s

Exit comments: Actually got 8k shares not just 4k, Etrade being weird, Level2 on this very strange, overall market tanking big, just playing it safe, scary stock, missed the . initial breakout at 3.80

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Windwalzer Sep 04, 20 4:58 PM

Sorry about your laptop. It's a three day weekend and there will be a lot of sales. Thank you for the education.

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