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Windwalzer Feb 07, 21 9:57 PM

Thank you Mark you always give me more things to think about and watch for while trading. It's exciting to finally be able to see patterns and understand more. Now have to be brave enough to enter when I planned to instead of just watching the stock. Not sure how to get there.

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[TimChallenge] I'd love to see sub-20s on $PLUGthis morning but I don't think it will make it there

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didixiu Oct 09, 21 2:30 PM

Thank you Tim.

75wiskers Feb 22, 4:41 AM

Singles are winners. Those singles hold a lot of promise when first starting trading. I trust i can get to that place where I'm making up to 2k week would definitely start changing mine and other lives around me

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$983 profit PLUG Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this oldie but goodie that's up premarket on news of an expanded deal with and an investment made by Walmart a great validation of PLUG and their technology, so I think it can test the multi-month highs in the 2.60s as more people find out about this, premarket support has been around 2.35 so limited downside and good chance for a pop right at the market open, that' my goal, nothing huge as this isn't the most volatile stock, but I'd love to make 10-15%

Exit comments: No big pop at the open like I wanted so I'm taking small gains just to protect myself, potential re-buy on any big dip, I got a bit greedy as I had a chance to sell in the 2.60s, good lesson for me

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Bullverine Jul 21, 17 9:21 AM

Great call, this potentially could be a spiker on Monday.

TraderTrav Jul 21, 17 9:39 AM

Still a good trade and a great lesson!

Jamey Jul 21, 17 6:54 PM

Good trade, Tim. Always makes me laugh when someone profits this company because every time I see the ticker $PLUG I think of your previous video lessons where you said of $PLUG that anything good that they've ever had in their lives, they've taken it and screwed it up!

TraderD Jul 24, 17 3:22 AM

Hi Tim I am comparing your closed trades with the original watch-lists then highlighting on the charts your entry and exits. I cant find on the chart where the stock hit 2.52 ? Are the proffitly entry/exits including broker fees ? Cheers Dan

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timothysykes Apr 06, 17 12:21 PM

@ThyeJordens because in a watchlist you simply prepare for possibilities, I didn't know how it would trade, but if it hit 2.45 premarket (which it did), tanked to 2.05 (which it did) and then held green on the day (it did not), I'd be buying...but since it went red and stayed red I didn't dip buy, understand?

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