$RSHN TRADE- was a recent runner had two big red days and showed some signs of bottoming so i bought in anticipation of a first green day but once it wasn't really closing like i wanted i sold- did gap up like 15% but dropped right after and closed the day red

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-$192 loss RSHN Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm catching this on oa big dip off its highs and a solid gap up after big multiday drop, lets see how far it can go, just went pink current too in premarket tweet

Exit comments: Weaaaaak bounce, out for small losses, big sellers again today, no thx

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tupuad Jun 21, 21 3:54 PM

Thanks for the transparency..

LABAN_PILIPINAS Jun 22, 21 3:16 AM

I think the daily strong support key level is on the .0080 and it bounced in the afternoon +20%.thanks

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