I had big position in $SPOM had I just held instead of exiting safely, it wouldve wiped out all my $15k in profits today, that's the beauty of disciplined trading vs holding and hoping

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Mugsy16 Jun 20, 8:06 PM

Tim, I am a real Newbie trying to work and figure may way around but I am studying my brains out!

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PAPER TRADED $SPOM just impulsively bought it because of ! wrong move! tim got in at .45 and i got in at .49 and we both sold it at .47, tim wins, i loss! lesson never follow alert! build your own plan first before entering a trade!

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$760 profit SPOM Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this big first green day OTC former runner into power hour, nice gap up today, not sure if I'll hold overnight, but would love to sell in the .50s as it hit that earlier today and this is just the first green day and a nice multiday breakout too, I underestimated IPIX/TLSS/now PASO too so let's see if this has legs too

Exit comments: Taking safe profits as it's not taking out the day high and I just don't just the promoters behind this so small gains, my buy from PASO is running far better, that's what a breakout looks like

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johnonti000 Jun 19, 11:49 PM

Studying your trades here now. Its crazy, my mindset used. to be good at taking my tiny profits when I was more of a beginner and now a days I'm just thinking the stocks have more potential and then I lose all my profits. So I'm fixing that and am going back to being okay if the stocks keep running. Its crazy to see how many trades you took today Tim and I didn't take a single one and I kid you not I was watching Orical on STT

RChen Jun 20, 1:46 AM

Thank you.

Windwalzer Jun 20, 11:34 PM

So the daily candle was green until this dropped from .4 to .3? You talk about first green day and the candle is red. Yes, I have a lot to understand all of this. Working on. It looks like it broke resistance. Thank you.

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