Trying the SWING Trading. Not ALL Merging News are Good. ($78.39) Net LOSS - $WPCS - Long Position Size 200 Entry: Green day on a new low with a great spike in the morning. Bought @ 1.24 minutes before the close. Speculating the price will gap up next day. It did not gap up or spike on the next day, it even went down by 0.10/ share. But i hold it thinking it will go up with the news the it has a merge plan with Drop Car. So, i can of hoping to see good price action in the next few days. Exit: Price is way down, and it even spike near my entry. Then, SEC filling came in. So, i read thru it. I spotted WPCS will give 1.64 : 1 share to drop car, and will have a reverse split later once the merge is complete before the year ends. I went straight to sell my stocks, the price went down already and I saw couple of big sellers ahead of me. Then, just cut my losses as fast as i could. I sold it with no hesitation. The price as i'm writing this one is way below my exit price.

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$140 profit WPCS Short Stock

Entry comments: I shorted some of this morning spiker at Etrade as this one never holds its quick spikes, so my goal is to make 10-20% on the retrace, but be careful if it keeps going, don't want to be like a stubborn HMNY short seller

Exit comments: Got a little retrace, but just scary to short in this market, now LBIX is spiking crazy so that's a potential short for me, looking for shares to short

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Traughber Oct 11, 17 10:14 AM

CASI went crazy at open, got in @ 1.93 out @ 3.60 should have held on longer!

larkjr Oct 11, 17 11:06 AM

Thanks for posting

BShelton Oct 11, 17 11:17 AM

wpcs short 2000@3.21 covered @2.99 proffit 440.00

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