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wildwes Aug 22, 9:08 PM

Thanks Mark great video tons of good info

redwagonrider Sep 30, 11:24 AM

Rewatching. can not impress upon myself enough to always be paying attention to multiday runners, stocks that are day trade-able in comparison to stocks that are swing trade-able. And most importantly volume. is the spiking volume comparable to previous spiking volume, will those support and resistance lines matter based on the current volume.

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zaraza May 05, 8:42 PM

Congratulations Mark and thank you for continuing to teach and share your knowledge. Focus on biggest % gainers that hold their spikes. These tickers must prove themselves first.

bobhenry60 May 05, 9:52 PM

Congratulations on your new arrival. Also, thanks for a good lesson.

LizLele May 06, 8:45 PM

Thanks Mark! Congrats on your baby boy!

SebiSebo Jul 19, 5:28 AM

Great Webinar. Thank you Mark

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[SuperAlerts] ZYNE damn, sub 18 now. Offering price was $18. Holding some still from earlier entry. AKAO did offering recently at 13.5 too, took a little while before it ran back up


[SuperAlerts] CARA back over $12. Was down earlier I think due to ZYNE offering. Nice to see it green. ZYNE may bounce back some too, in from earlier posted 18.85


[SuperAlerts] CARA small gap so far over $12. Little surprised with ZYNE offering, but i'll take it. Was down after hours too


[SuperAlerts] I am long a few NFLX 240 calls though, still wont counter the damn ZYNE call loss


[SuperAlerts] I got some ZYNE calls earlier too, 22.5s for this week at .50, was looking they will be worthless

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