$1,773 profit ADEP Long Stock

Entry comments: This earnings winner spiked nicely to 12.20 this morning, now $1/share off its highs as shorts try to push it down, nearly 40% revenue growth and a beaten down stock chart make me think this can bounce some more, technical support at 1.15, goal is to sell int he high 11s or even low 12s later today or next week

Exit comments: Funny, now up to 11.58 as I type...played too safe yet again...here was my commentary before this nice lastNot bouncing the way I want so I play it safe...shoulda gone with RDNT buy at 6.20ish which was also at support, compare charts, that one is bouncing steadily, probly because its a healthier intraday/multi-month chart and shorts are losing that battle vs winning on this one...might re-buy if it dips or breaks out, but this choppy/pathetic bounce is too weak to get me to hold

1fishtop May 09, 14 3:38 PM

Well I have to think it is the time delay .that last try with ADEP just knocked the wind out of my sale.I am just getting your ALERTs to late for me to be able to use them. And ADEP never hit 11.58 on my computer .and I never let it out of my site LOst$329.00

timothysykes May 09, 14 3:51 PM

You shouldn't "use" my alerts to trade, theyre for education...if you get them late, then go into the chatroom...by the time I sent the alert ADEP was 11.54 x 11.58 I didnt bother looking to see if anything traded at 11.58, as you prove I have to get the alerts out even faster, sorry for your loss, please better understand what the alerts are for next time

dbfelder May 09, 14 4:15 PM

Tim I understand your alerts are educational purposes only, however, I find it is harder to follow when it is not listed on your watchlist. If it was included on your watchlist then I can be prepared quicker when to get in and out according to your teaching...thanks

timothysykes May 09, 14 4:28 PM

@dbfelder u should know the watchlist by heart, its just consists of big % gainers, pumps and earnings winners...if u ever dont get the watchlist just pull up the biggest % gainers, not rocket science...IDN I didn't find premarket, only when they went up nicely near the market open...30% winner now

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$2,309 profit PGFY Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorted some over night, might spike a bit more but I think this tanks hard and it might crash too fast for me to short big tomorrow, this late day fade does not bode well for it, risky but this could tank 30-50% quickly tomorrow

Exit comments: Took the solid overnight profits just in case of a bounce given this low volume premarket dropping & that its down from 1.70...PERFECT overnight trade, I really didn't even expect a big drop, I mostly shorted overnight just in case there were no shares to short today but shorting fading price action in paid pumps, no matter how early in the pump it is, is a high odds of success strategy....wish more brokers other than my high net worth broker had shares to short

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window52 May 05, 14 8:29 PM

Dude, if you really watched the videos, you'd know the answer to your own question. Just sayin'

1fishtop May 05, 14 9:29 PM

@timothysykes Thanks I am just starting and I do like all of the alerts and follow up But I do learn quick TY SAM

cesarin159 May 05, 14 10:43 PM

Tim, what do you think about ECYT, 5.59% rise, closed at 6.99 a share. Seeking Alpha seems to be sure they will rise to 9-10$ a share. Just wanted to pet you know! Will do my own research as well.!

Rufus91 May 06, 14 9:25 AM

You nailed it Tim!

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