@AdamPaperTrades hi man! your profit is impressive!!! I just came across this site and would like to start trading. I know zero about trading. Where can i start learning on a budget??? Thanks for your advice!!

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@AdamTaggart just became a fully transparent trader today!

alixc83 Mar 01, 17 5:01 PM

Hey Adam, I am very new here. Trying to setup the computer so that I can look at the charts. Do you recommend any software that I can use to see stock data. at this moment I use

AdamPaperTrades Mar 01, 17 7:39 PM

@alixc83 I primarily use DAS Trader Pro, OptionsHouse, and ThinkOrSwim. There are plenty of brokers that offer Demo accounts and I highly suggest Paper Trading before you dive right into a live account. StocksToTrade is the ideal choice for all the best market data and trade ideas. Make sure you develop your strategy and find what you are good at. And above all make sure to watch and read everything you can from @timothysykes. "Trade Safe!"

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