@Jarmall Good to see you back trading now Jarmall. I was in tim alerts chat last year and spoke with you a couple of times. My name up here used to be MadRR. Just a quick question. How do you like TD ameritrade for trading OTC's? How are the fills and can you choose your route? I'm currently with Suretrader but looking to switch since they have rasied prices so much on routing fees that is impossible to trade lower priced stuff without getting killed in commissions. Thanks.

MadOTCTrader Apr 24, 14 12:12 PM

@Jarmall Thanks for the quick reply! I totally agree about suretrader. Im in the same boat myself. I've been more or less break even the past 6 months using suretrader since they changed their routing fees, enforcing 2.50 rule and cant hold shorts overnight as well as taking away all the good routes. Went from making a few hundred a month on my small account to barely break even. Im going to maybe try out TD then. Thanks again for the repsonse.

MadOTCTrader Apr 24, 14 12:15 PM

oops I meant you cant hold shorts under $1 a share overnight anymore

BUCKO Jun 16, 14 9:58 AM

Suretrader has sucked for a while, but Speedtrader also lost a couple of their routes. Goode and others are looking for alternatives, last I heard.

jkck81 Aug 15, 14 9:21 PM

Speedtrader got a lot of their routes back and a new route one as well

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